31 Retief Street, Potchefstroom

We thank you for your consideration.

Here are a few wish list items from the various Childline Regional Offices.


The list comprises items needed that will be used in therapy sessions with children.
– Paint for our therapy room and child-friendly décor for our therapy office and waiting area for children
– Sweets/Lollies to be given to children at the end of a therapy session

• Play therapy books
• Dustbin
• Wipes
• Hand soap
• Towel
• Book case
• Storage bench
• Play table and chairs
• Child friendly carpet
• Sand tray for therapy
• Play kitchens and play food
• Pans, silverware
• Doctor kits and band-aids
• baby bottle, variety of puppets, animal families, cars,
• cash register,
• kitchen food
• Stove (wood)
• Truck, airplane, tractor,
• Chalkboard, chalk
• Rags or old towels
• Tinker toys
• Tissue
• Rubber Knife
• Dart gun
• Balls (large and small)
• Refrigerator (wood)
• Dishes (plastic
• Broom, dustpan
• Toy watch
• play cell phone,
• magic wand, dress-up clothes
• Dolls and Dollhouses
• Doll bed, clothes, etc

• Animals, Cars, Trucks, People
• Cash Register and Play Money
• Play Dough
• Musical Toys & Instruments
• Paint and paint brushes
• Colour paper
• Soccer balls
• Lego blocks/ or building blocks
• Balloons
• Colouring books
• Aggressive/Emotional Release
• Toy guns.
• Foam swords.
• Rubber knives.
• Rope.
• Soldiers.
• Aggressive puppets or figures (sharks, dinosaur, alligator, etc

• Expressive/Creative
• Art supplies
• Dress Up
• Therapeutic reading Books for children under 5

• Therapeutic reading Books for teens
• Art Supplies (Glue, glitter, confetti, paper, scissors, crayons, coloured sand, tape, Play Dough, wooden dowels, paper dolls, markers, pipe cleaners, fake gems, etc.) Jewellery Beads and jewellery,